Critical Insight in a changing world

I have realized the importance of contemporary life; and the need to achieve results associated with changes in the social and cultural reality in order to crystallize the style to express issues concerning the human substance. My vision has been associated with the completion of the integrated artistic work that owns the humanistic components in a dialectical relationship between the Islamic heritage and the contemporary humanity and international legacy. I do not consider the technique on the surface of the painting, in this sense, as an imitation of other styles... but creativity and self-feeling of today's spirit without rejecting the bright rings of inheritance in a non-traditional style. The return to tradition was, then, a review of history related to the style... and the topics too. Through the study of the mysteries of art and obscurities of the style, I was able to conclude that modernity in the artistic work is of significant impact on the daily reality, that does not relate to a specific law, where I intensify semantic, auto suggestive, and graphical signs in my drawings which certainly not lacking a story, focusing on the diagnosis of symbolic and abstractive expression, that what gave me the freedom to choose the scenes, people and marginalized walls, windows, spaces that were stuck in my memory, and in daily life in a style that combined more than one school at the same time, using a three-dimensional visual language based on the diagnosis and marginalization, especially in: hunger trilogy; my works do not lack lines and blocks of purposive engineering, creating a world reflects the modern and old realities, dynamically away from the repetition used by many artists, so I adopted diversification to award the recipient who sees them new visions of a new hybrid of civilization, heritage, and the current reality, affected by all concerns that referred my works to stories among a critical insight in a changing world.